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World Class Education regardless of location and resources

World Class Education regardless of location and resources

What if you don’t have any resources to plan exciting learning experiences or you cannot afford them?

Does it mean you can’t offer super exciting, totally hands-on and holistic learning no matter where you live? Absolutely not!

The biggest myth and especially now is that you need some sort of special curriculum, software, license, franchise, systems, expensive toys and resources, train teachers how to use them and ONLY THEN you will offer world class education. It’s not true!

We’ve seen too many teachers desperately looking for help because they are motivated, passionate and believing that tools will make them the best teachers. Again not true! 

No matter the location, no matter the funds, no matter the resources – you can offer world class early years education! 

It’s not about the access to education as children’s basic right, it’s all about the quality of education. Every child has the right to learn using all their bodies, all their senses, to experiment and explore – and this is simply NOT POSSIBLE with pen and paper-based education!  

Every child has a right to learn how to read, write, paint, cook, draw, jump, swim, sing…and this is where world class education begins. It can only happen through experiential, holistic, multi-sensory whole-person learning. 

So no matter if your setting is in a bustling town or a small remote village your children CAN receive world class education. 

master teacher preschool transformation training in uganda

No tools will ever solve a problem and especially when you live in a place where they are not available. This is why our MASTER TEACHER Preschool Transformation Teacher Training is not based on tools-it will make you completely independent and ready to use any tool you will ever want and find! Sounds good? This is exactly what you need to offer the best education ever! Be completely tool-independent and self-reliant.

Our recent case study in Uganda is the best example of this approach. This is exactly what passionate teachers from Rural Teachers Association in Uganda led by John Ssentamu have achieved within a very short period of time working with our training! Their case study is avaialable on:

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To help you achieve similar we designed MASTER TEACHER – World’s First Preschool Transformation Teacher Training Programme.

Teachers will  learn how to substitute pen-paper education with truly experiential learning to unlock children’s full potential

Teachers will learn how to support literacy, numeracy, academic skills cross-curricular learning and life skills in an experiential way! 

master teacher world's first preschool transformation teacher training program

Are you a passionate Early Years Teacher Training Provider or an Educational Consultant? 

You can become our representative and facilitate MASTER TEACHER Online Preschool Transformation Teacher Training Programme in your region or country. Email for more details: info (at)


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