We regularly deliver high quality interactive presentations and workshops at renowned international educational conferences for educators and parents around the world to promote the blessings of Experiential Holistic Learning, Child-led Play, Personalized Learning and Nurturing Children’s Natural Leadership.

Magdalena was invited as an Honorary Speaker to share her insights at GESS Principals Forum in Indonesia, September 2019.

Eurasia Research for Teaching and Learning, Singapore 2019

We collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, toy brands, early childhood education providers, universities and many more to introduce their high quality products and services to the appropriate audience thanks to our deep expertise and more than 30 years of experience in the industry as trainers and assessors.

GESS Dubai, 2019

There is multiple ways we offer our expertise as part of our conference activities:

  • Keynote Speakers / Power Talk presentations at international conferences, expos and forums
  • Introducing your product or service in Early Years settings around the world 
  • Tailor-made interactive hands-on workshops
  • Premium online courses, educational resource and materials
  • Specialised educational articles and reviews.

GESS Dubai, 2019

Check our conference schedule for 2019 and if you feel excited to co-create and be part of these events with us we’d be happy to hear from you at: info (at)

GESS Indonesia, 2019

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