Play Spaces Design

Children are the ones who are the least taken into consideration in modern planning and design – whether it’s a public park, a shopping mall, a neighbourhood development, or even entertainment. And this is a global trend. The tendency is to give them anything and they should be just fine. In most cases it would be a small playground that is hardly enough in terms of space – not to mention functionality.

“Anything goes” should not be something that we settle for and want for our children as parents, educators, designers, architects and decision makers. We should strive for much more! 

Imagine communities where families have easy access to the next level high quality play spaces for children of all ages – play and public areas offering children exciting and engaging learning experiences that go far beyond just usual playgrounds.

These areas would offer a wide variety of contexts appealing to children’s natural gifts, diverse talents, and their preferred forms of expression. 

Imagine communities where play and learning happen not only at playgrounds, but also in all public areas, parks, and even community libraries. These are the new generation play spaces that inspire children to safely create, explore their gifts, and express themselves. This is where the whole families can enjoy their quality time together.

The reality is that less than 2% of world’s top developers and play area designers are capable of delivering truly innovative and engaging play spaces that are in line with the most effective educational approaches and can offer children much more than mere energy outlet and structured play.

This is why we designed this FREE cutting edge training for developers/designers and people involved in planning play spaces for community developments and mega cities.

We are going to reveal 8 most common and notorious mistakes that unfortunately 98% of world developers constantly make when it comes to designing and offering play spaces for children – no matter whether it’s community playgrounds, a mega city project, or a shopping mall. 

We are also going to show you 8 must-have approaches and tools that you should consider embedding into your future play space designs – they will guarantee great success among children and parents. This is the training you will not find anywhere else and definitely cannot miss if you are serious about designing innovative future play spaces for children and families.


Image source: The actual play spaces images that are part of the collage were sourced from Pinterest and belong to their respected authors. They are used to illustrate the content and offer tangible examples and case studies. They have been used under the law of fair use to illustrate best practices, offer commentary, to contrast and review exemplary and non exemplary practices. No copyright infringement intended.

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