We are bringing Experiential Learning to Uganda!

We are bringing Experiential Learning to Uganda!

We are making HISTORY!

ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER Preschool Transformation Teacher Training Programme comes to Uganda!

When passionate educators committed to make a change connect, this is when magic and true transformation happens. It doesn’t matter they are thousands miles away! The mission connects us and we act!

Together with passionate, talented teachers from Uganda led by John Ssentamu – a Visionary and the president of Rural Teachers Association. We have officially proved that providing world class early years education can happen regardless of the place on earth, regardless of tools and educational resources, without investing in modern toys, furniture or fancy design.

Committed early years teachers in Uganda have started their Teacher Training Programme! And they are loving it!

“It was totally different from what I imagine on-line lessons would be like! It allowed us a chance to discuss and share ideas.”

“The lesson was really fantastic because we learned many new things we didn’t know”

How long did we need to start seeing results? JUST ONE TRAINING SESSION! Yes, only ONE SESSION was enough for teachers in Uganda to create, adopt, transform, adjust and deliver! Can you imagine?!

This is the power of our ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM combined with teachers’ deep and genuine motivation to learn. While designing the training we had known how powerful it would be but what these teachers have achieved after just one training session has blown our minds!!! Imagine what happens in 6 months’ time when the teachers will have completed the entire training!

Immediate On-the Job Implementation

Right after the first training session, when teacher got back to their preschool settings, they started implementing the strategies they have learned. And right away, children from rural areas of Masaka in Uganda have started receiving world class experiential, multi-sensory, holistic education!

This has been possible after only two ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER Preschool Transformation Teacher Training sessions. This is an amazing achievement!

Rural Teachers Association in Uganda – a Journey with Master Teacher Training by Natural Born Leaders

Teachers felt empowered to use whatever they have available, including food items and everyday objects, to offer truly hands-on multi sensory learning! Instead of studying books and sitting at desks, the children moved around, collaborated, touched, smelled, reasoned, compared, communicated their ideas, tried and tested. There’s tons of cross-curricular learning already involved in this simple but powerful experience.

These teachers adopted our training input, understood that it’s necessary to go beyond what you have or don’t have and instead focus on learning outcomes and experiences for children. What they have come up with offers truly holistic and experiential learning without the need to invest in resources! They are proud with whatever they have and we are so proud of their achievements!

This is what we call World Class Education without Boundaries!

Empowering Teachers to Offer World Class Experiential Education

Uganda is the first African country to implement ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER TEACHER TRAINING and the results are truly spectacular – both for the teachers and the children. It’s easy to offer experiential learning regardless of location, resources and funds!

This is what our training helps teachers realise – that they can become MASTER TEACHERS no matter their situation, location, resources.

There’s over 100 more teachers in the rural area of Masaka, Uganda motivated to start ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER teacher Training. If you are in a position to contribute to funding the training for them, please contact info (at) naturalbornleaders.org


To help you learn how to apply Active Experiential Learning in your setting, Natural Born Leaders has launched a new teacher support programme ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER

It’s a self-paced hands-on online training programme for Early Years and Primary Teachers who are ready to offer Future-Oriented Education based on Active Experiential Holistic Learning and Development.

You can access the first training module for FREE

You can become our independent representative and facilitate ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER in your region or country too. Let’s do this together! Just contact us at info (at) naturalbornleaders.org

Experiential Learning Future Oriented Education Teacher Training


Magdalena Matulewicz Witold Matulewicz Natural Born Leaders
Authors: Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz – Teacher Trainers, Assessors

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