Our World Schooling Journey

World Schooling is not just another trip or a gap year. It’s a truly life changing experience on its own offers unique learning experiences that can help your children and your entire family develop and nurture all key skills, values and attitudes you need to lead truly happy and fulfilling life: 

  • self-awareness
  • open-mindedness
  • cultural awareness
  • creativity
  • sense of purpose
  • gratitude
  • entrepreneur spirit
  • natural leadership. 

World Schooling is ALL about using the authentic experiences that will happen to you on the go, being open to use the journey to grow as an individual and as a family, nurture your children’s leaderships skills, abundance mindset that will help them navigate their journey towards truly happy and fulfilling life.

Our Story

We’ve been World Schooling our son for 15 years non-stop following the Child-led and Natural Learning Approaches with Julius being the author of his learning. 

All this time we’ve been together as a family and me and my husband have been working online from whichever location in the world we found ourselves in. 

We often get asked how we handle our son’s education while traveling full time without any curriculum, course-books or structured activities? 

For any of you ladies considering this life style here’s something what hopefully can help you get excited. 

There’s so much to learn from every single experience in the world. Just think about it…

…💫spending nights in a tent with hordes of ants in Ibiza, 

🌴having a VIP dinner with the authentic Indian Tribe Chief on Borneo, 

🌴volunteering on Aloe Vera plantation on Fuerteventura, 

🌴rescuing animals In the Dominican Republic, 

🌴living on the volcano with no electricity on Tenerife, 

🌴coachsurfing for 3 months in Europe and hosting traveling families in our house, 

🌴planting pomegranates and picking up olives in Greece, 

🌴witnessing lava rain on Sicily, 

🌴training Muay Thai in Thailand, 

🌴sampling rooftop pools in Malaysia,

🌴taking part in the Millionaire Mind Intensive training in Kuala Lumpur, 

🌴joining a traditional Iftar dinner with a family in Dubai, 

🌴housesitting a blind cat in Vietnam, 

🌴participating in water purification ceremony on Bali, 

🌴nursing a tiger cub in China, 

🌴finding a soulmate in Australia…

Each of these experiences is truly expanding, offers multi-dimensional and holistic growth on a soul level and on a worldly level.

Each of them helps develop life skills, attitudes, understanding of the world and each of them can be linked with tangible learning takeaways and naturally taken further. 

Your Worldschooling Dream

Now think for a moment.

Could this experience help you envision your dream education for your children?

Could it help you feel more confident about World Schooling?

If you are dreaming about travelling the world with your family and offering your child their adventure of a lifetime, one of the most beautiful gifts there are but you’re not sure where to start and how to approach the education aspect then we are happy to support you. 

You can learn how to easily support your child’s balanced learning and development by offering Active Experiential Learning experiences on a daily basis with little effort on your side and wherever you are. To help you we designed the Experiential Learning at Home – a FREE and easy-to-digest parent support training packed with ready-to-apply tools and solutions.

Experiential Learning at Home Parent Support Training


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