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Authors: Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz – Teacher Trainers, Assessors

Natural Born Leaders offer high impact state-of-the-art training programs for early years educators and parents. Our innovative formula guarantees that all our training offer hands-on experiences and immediate implementation that brings profound changes and transformation.

As assessors and teacher trainers we know that learning happens through hands-on interaction with the world and so we make sure all our training programmes make it possible for participants to engage in Experiential Learning and transfer their learning take-aways into their everyday work easily and effortlessly.

If you are a teacher your workplace becomes your implementation ground. If you are a parent, your child and your home become the main training contexts.

Training features:

  • video based micro learning – all training sessions last between 10-20 minutes
  • packed with case studies, examples of best practices, real life scenarios
  • discussions, brainstorming, reflective tasks
  • each session leads to hands-on implementation of strategies
  • designed by assessors for educators
  • aligned with all curricula and learning frameworks


To help you learn how to apply Active Experiential Learning in your setting, Natural Born Leaders has launched a new teacher support programme ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER

It’s a self-paced hands-on online training programme for Early Years and Primary Teachers who are ready to offer Future-Oriented Education based on Active Experiential Holistic Learning and Development.

You can access the first training module for FREE and then continue your journey from as low as $11.99. 

Watch this video to learn more about Active Learning Booster Teacher Training Programme



EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AT HOME FREE Parent Support Campaign to help schools build positive relationships with parents and assist them in supporting Experiential Learning at home. Enrol Your School

educational campaign, parent support, experiential learning


You can learn how to easily support your child’s balanced learning and development by offering Active Experiential Learning experiences on a daily basis with little effort on your side. To help you we designed the Experiential Learning at Home – a FREE and easy-to-digest parent support training packed with ready-to-apply tools and solutions.

Experiential Learning at Home Parent Support Training


If you would like to become our implementation or distribution partner, please contact us at info (at)

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