We regularly take part in webinars as expert panelists to share our insights with educators and parents and to address current issues related to children’s learning, development, well-being and early years and early primary education in general as well as parenting and home learning.


Access to Future Oriented Education for the Underprivileged

REPLAY OF MY PRESENTATION AT WEBINAR FOR AFRICA organised by Bako Kontagora Development Foundation.

I discuss the impact of our MASTER TEACHER PRESCHOOL TRANSFORMATION TEACHER training on the underprivileged communities in Uganda.

I shared how this model can be easily replicated to support rural teachers in Africa and other countries to help cost-effectively bring Active Holistic Learning and Future Oriented Education to children regardless of location and resources available.

I discuss the role of technology and how to use it effectively and the importance of collaboration with local people and key stakeholders.

My presentation starts at 14.40 minute and then again at 1.42:30. The first part is also followed by John Ssentamu who shares his experience with implementation of our training.

If you wish to collaborate with us to implement MASTER TEACHER PRESCHOOL TRANSFORMATION TEACHER TRAINING in your region, country or school please contact us on info (at) naturalbornleaders.org

Supporting You Child’s Physical Development at home

Replay of the webinar session on the topic of Offering Next Generation Fitness Experiences at home by ECD Forum, India

Future Proofing your Child

Replay of the webinar session on the topic Future Proofing your Child hosted on 16th April, 2020 by ECD Forum, India

Natural Born Leaders discuss:

– what is Future Oriented Education

– how parents can help children develop Core Life Skills by supporting Active Learning at home

Supporting Children’s Creative Development at home.

In this webinar organised by ECDF we discussed: 

– why Creative development is so important for children’s well-being and learning 

– why Creative development is one of the pillars of Future Oriented Education 

– how creative development goes much beyond arts & crafts 

– how parents can support creative development through home learning – examples, strategies and case studies

Effective Strategies for Graceful Transition to Home Learning – panel organised by No Limit Generation to address Covid19 crisis.

What you’ll learn in this webinar: 

  • How you and your children can make a smooth transition from school to home learning environment.
  • How to design a home learning experience that will support your children’s unique talents, gifts, and needs.
  • How home learning can be fully engaging and interactive when based on the most powerful educational approaches such as Holistic Active Learning, Cross-Curricular Education, and Self-Directed Learning.


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