Why bringing parents on board is important

Why bringing parents on board is important

The current crisis has burdened many parents with additional school-related responsibilities – many of them find it difficult to handle. Hence, it’s even more important nowadays to build strong relationships with parents based on mutual trust and respect.

Bringing parents on board means they can effectively support their children’s learning at home. Parents can maximise learning opportunities that school offers and accelerate learning outcomes for children and support their holistic growth.

This, however, cannot burden parents with teachers’ responsibilities, but rather equip them with effective tools & strategies to take advantage of their home environment and support their children’s learning at home – with minimum time commitment and effort, and with maximum learning outcomes for children.

Working with parents benefits all:
– improves learning outcomes for children
– supports children holistic well-being
– positively affects family life
– build positive relationships between parents and school/preschool

Supporting learning at home creates perfect opportunities to offer education that prioritises children’s Holistic Development – physical, emotional, psychological. The best way to do this is through Active Experiential Learning and home is a perfect environment to maximise the benefits of this approach. 

When offered extra help from schools parents will be able to support this kind of learning with very little effort. 

If your school can offer such support to parents, they will feel understood, they will trust you as a bespoke education provider, and will cooperate with you as one – all to secure the best outcomes for children. 

The best thing is that as school you won’t really need to do much because we will do all the work for you!

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To help you bring parents on board we’ve designed – Experiential Learning at Home – FREE Parent Support Campaign for schools and pre-schools to help build positive relationships with parents and assist in supporting Experiential Learning at home.

You can offer this training as part of your strategy to build positive relationships with parents.


Magdalena Matulewicz Witold Matulewicz Natural Born Leaders
Authors: Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz – Teacher Trainers, Assessors
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