Water Play – the most powerful learning context

Water Play – the most powerful learning context

Water is perhaps one of the most powerful and definitely one of the most exciting learning contexts for children. 

When you use water on a daily basis in your setting or to support home learning you will:

– support children’ holistic and balanced growth

– facilitate cross-curricular learning 

– raise their awareness of this precious resource

– help children relax, soothe their nervous system, express themselves and channel their creative energy 

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Why Water? 

  • Children absolutely love working with water – they intuitively sense its deeply relaxing properties and its unlimited creative potential. 
  • Water calms children down, soothes their nervous system, allows them to channel their energy and release tension from their body. 
  • It offers truly multi-sensory feast and is a perfect gateway to exploring and understanding how this world works – through direct experience, observation and reasoning.

When you offer your students water to play with, some of them will immerse their hands in it up to their elbows, and others will love to splash around for hours. Some will want to make impact and see the immediate result of their creation, and others will calmly observe how water flows and drips. And yet others will try to mix it with other things to see what is possible!

Using water on a daily basis in your school or preschool setting will always support your students’ holistic growth. It will facilitate cross-curricular learning and raise their awareness of this precious resource. 

To help teachers use water as a tool to offer Experiential Holistic Learning on a daily basis we prepared MY WATER LAB – an online teacher training course and schemes of work that will give you everything you need to create immersive water-themed learning contexts for your children:

Easy to follow guidelines, based on local resources, can be used as part of your on-going framework.

water play as gateway to cross curricular and experiential learning


Magdalena Matulewicz Witold Matulewicz Natural Born Leaders
Authors: Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz – Teacher Trainers, Assessors

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