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Experiential Self-directed Learning is the Future of Education

Experiential Self-directed Learning is the Future of Education

No, it’s not technology 🙂 I know we use it now more than ever, but as you’ve probably noticed it’s not enough. No matter if it’s books or technology it eventually needs to lead to hands-on Experiential Learning for children to develop Core Life Skills.

Education cannot be about knowledge and information any more. Our children can easily find it themselves whether it’s a book or a YouTube video. When they look for it on their own, they do it out of their intrinsic motivation, to learn, discover, find out, connect the dots, find a solution, to test and apply in real life. This is what Self-directed Learning is about.

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Learning for one’s self, to nurture your curiosity, your talents, when and how you need it best. This kind of learning is always connected to life, it’s not fragmented knowledge. Children naturally know how to learn this way. They need our help to support the process and not to hinder it.

We show parents and teachers how to do it in our transformational hands-on online trainings.

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