7 Reasons why Teachers should master Active Experiential Learning

7 Reasons why Teachers should master Active Experiential Learning

Active Experiential Holistic Learning is the KEY to Future-Oriented Education. Everything that children are to learn needs to happen in real life – not in course books, worksheets, or on screen only.

Future-Oriented Education is about nurturing LIFE SKILLS as only these will help our children succeed no matter the times. Creativity, collaboration, reasoning, bodily awareness, positive self-image, problem solving, relationship building, adaptability. 

They are nurtured through REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES, an authentic connection with the real world. 

Educators can easily offer Future-Oriented Education if they navigate towards Active Experiential Hands-on Learning.

Here’s 7 reasons why Active Holistic Learning is the Key Skillset for teachers to focus on now.

  1. The world is starting to realise that the outdated model of education, which is still in use, is no longer effective and does not bring desirable results any more. Parents and educators start to understand that passive academic-oriented learning is not enough to prepare children for the future in these uncertain times. 
  1. Parents are becoming more conscious and more demanding as to how learning is offered, and they no longer wish for their children to be overwhelmed with worksheets, course books, and academic-based learning. They expect educators to be able to use Active Experiential Holistic Learning much more often.
  1. School Leaders look for teachers who can offer much more than lecture-based learning or pen & paper activities. They want teachers who know how to use the most effective educational approaches in their everyday practice, and who know how to make learning exciting, meaningful, and leaving long-lasting results
  1. A small percent of educators on a global scale can effectively implement Active Experiential Holistic Learning on a daily basis. This means that when you master it, you will join the group of highly skilled and very sought-after Educators of the Future. 
  1. Once you master Active Experiential Holistic Learning, you will feel very confident about planning, delivering, and evaluating truly engaging learning experiences that are fully aligned with your national curriculum and the goals of Future-Oriented Education.
  1. Even though many educators are now under the spell that technology is the future of learning, world’s top educators know it’s not true. They realise that it’s not technology that teachers need to master. Educators of the Future need to be able to use technology as well as any other tool to offer ACTIVE EXPERIENTIAL HOLISTIC LEARNING. 
  1. Active Learning is not yet another trend. It’s the ever-green and one of the most powerful educational approaches that will never go out of fashion. And because it’s based on the Universal Laws of Natural Learning, it always accelerates children’s learning – and this will never change. So, once you master Active Experiential Holistic Learning, you can be sure that your skills will stay with you forever, and that you will be able to offer high quality education regardless of times and current trends.
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All the above is exactly why me and my husband Witold Matulewicz – Natural Born Leaders, have designed the Active Learning Booster – an Online Hands-on Teacher Training that helps educators master the approach and offer it on a daily basis with ease.

We’ve been working with this approach for more than 20 years now both in the early years settings and at the primary level. We have trained and inspected settings and provisions implementing Active Learning with great success.

We have recently piloted implementation of Active Learning in rural Uganda where teachers achieved spectacular results within weeks! We have proved that it’s possible to offer Active Holistic Learning regardless of place and resources so that no matter where you are your children can receive Future Oriented Education.



Our mission is to support committed and motivated teachers who are ready to change the way education is offered. To give all committed teachers heads-up we offer the first module for FREE.

The entire DIY program lasts about 4-6 weeks (depending on your learning pace) and finishes with certificate of completion outlining in detail the skillsets developed.

Sign up to access to first training module of ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER or enrol for the entire training – the DIY online hands-on Teacher Training Program:

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Magdalena Matulewicz Witold Matulewicz Natural Born Leaders
Authors: Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz – Teacher Trainers, Assessors

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