How World Schooling helped our son Discover his Sense of Purpose

How World Schooling helped our son Discover his Sense of Purpose

One evening in Thailand while reading a book together, my then 12 year old son shared with my the following:

“Mom, when I write my books or when I get together with my friends I feel there is some kind of purpose that makes me feel so happy and fulfilled. There are some activities which don’t make me feel this way. I’d like to do more of these things that make me feel so special. ”

So, we started a discussion. 

I was deeply touched by his words, amazed with his wisdom, reflection and the very fact that a 12 year old can get such a deep sense of what’s important in life. 

Sense of Purpose – this one is big and we all know that not too many people often venture there or when they do it usually happens later in their lives. 

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World Schooling – The Journey of Self Discovery

I immediately knew how Julius got where he is.

We World School – we’ve been travelling the world full time for the last 15 years since our son was born. He’s never been to school, we don’t do workbooks or structured activities. All is Child-led. With all the time that our son’s got to himself he realised that some activities and ways of spending this time are more meaningful than others. Some experiences bring him this unique sense of purpose while others are just time fillers, empty of deeper meaning.

How does our lifestyle support our son? 

When you have all the time in the world and no survival pressure you can actually start to wonder:

  • how the things you do make you feel
  • why you do them
  • and what they can possibly bring you and others in the long run.

You discover that you would actually like your time to be filled with meaning. And when you travel the world you see so many options, so many opportunities, inspirations, so much to observe and reflect on.

When you world school there is naturally so much to discover about the world and
as a result about oneself.

Finding your sense of purpose is something really big and especially for a child because eventually it can lead to discovering their true life calling, their missions, their gifts and looking for ways to fill their lives with real purpose and happiness. This is exactly what happened for our son and it can certainly happen for your children.


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